Because of being an island, and having closed immediately airports and ports, Mallorca did not suffer the pandemic as heavily as the rest of Spain. 

After 3 months of total closure, at the end of June, the island opened once again its doors to international tourists from all over Europe.  At the moment, only few hotels re-opened and the total number is expected to reach a 50% by end of August.

Mallorca, this year feels quiet, beaches are not crowded and also the streets feel mostly empty. Mallorquin people and the few tourists that are coming are seeing and enjoying the island in a way in which they never saw before.

We expect the situation to more and more close to normal every week forward.

For now, we leave you here a list of all safety measures we implemented in the hotel at the moment of opening. Get in touch if you'll have any further question.


What changes in Beverly Playa?

The hotel opened with a maximum capacity of 50%. We will increase the capacity further when it will be permitted by the regulatory institutions.


  • On arrival, all guests will have to pass a temperature-scan.

  • Entrance to the Hotel and its facilities will not be allowed without the use of a protective mask. For those clients who are not in possession of a mask, there will be the possibility to buy one in reception (as with gloves).

  • At the Hotel entrance, you’ll be provided with disinfectant gel for your use.

  • A glass panel will be installed at the reception desk.

  • From reception, it will be available medical service on call (extra payment). In the case symptoms of Covid-19 will appear, we will start the appropriate sanitation/safety protocol.

  • The waiting positions for guests in line will be signaled on the floor, to order to maintain the safety distance.

  • We encourage the payment with credit cards, with the intention to minimize the risk of infection.

  • All room keys will be disinfected before being handed to the guests and immediately upon their return.

As a rule of thumb, you'll be asked to wear a mask in every situation in which it won't be possible to maintain a safety distance of 1,5m.

  • The corridors and common rooms will be disinfected with higher frequency

  • Deep cleaning and disinfection will be done daily when clients will leave the room

  • Moreover, we will spray an virus-killing product of proven efficacy before every arrival

  • Following the imposed national norm, the rooms won’t provide amenities (shampoo, gel, etc.)

  • Extra blankets/pillows will be handled to clients within hygienic plastic bags

  • Disinfecting gel for your use will be provided in the room

  • We will retire all trash bins from the rooms, leaving only one in the toilet which guest can open with a pedal

  • We will remove all decorations, magazines and cartels from the rooms

  • Extra cleaning care will be paid to the objects of daily use (remote control, phone, handles and other surfaces)

  • Use of gloves and masks will be mandatory to enter the restaurant

  • The number of tables will be reduced to respect the safety distance.

  • In case of necessity, two restaurant turns may be established

  • The restaurant will utilize disposable one-use tablecloth

  • We will mark people’s flow on the floor of the restaurant to avoid agglomerations

  • One employee will guide each client to its table which will be previously disinfected (as for the chairs)

  • The ventilation of the restaurant will be improved

  • We will provide more dishes cooked at the moment, food will be served by waiters in plates and seasoning/side products will be provided in single-doses (salt, butter, yogurt etc.)

  • Clients will be attended by waiters which will bring them both plates and drinks. In this way, we aim to minimize the direct contact between guests and the food

  • All the area of the buffet and surrounding furniture will be disinfected after every service

Hotel Beverly Playa reserve itself the right to impose two eating shifts which guests will be obliged to follow in order to reduce the total occupation of the Restaurant and comply with the national laws in force. In this case, the shifts will come with a time limitation when you will be allowed to use the restaurant.


  • The use of masks is mandatory inside the Bar

  • We will increase the distance between chairs and tables to comply with the safety distance

  • The overall capacity will be reduced

  • Tables and chairs will be disinfected by the waiters after every use

  • Marks on the floor will be used to signal the queuing spots

  • Drinks will only be served by the hotel personnel

  • The bar counter will be periodically disinfected through the day and even more in depth at the end of every service

  • Gel dispensers will be provided

Given the previous Covid-19 safety and prevention measures, we expect the waiting times to be longer than usual. We plead for your understanding.

For both restaurant and bar, you'll be able to scan our menu with QR Codes. In the bar, a snack service a-la-carte will be available during the day where you can order smaller snacks (burgers, pizzas, ice-creams, chips etc.).


  • All pools are open and free to use. You'll just need to maintain the safety distance (1,5m) also in the water.

  • The external furniture (sunbeds and umbrellas) will be positioned to respect the safety distance and guests are prohibited to move any of it

  • For the pool maintenance, we will use the adequate products for water disinfection

  • The pools will have a limited maximum capacity that should be respected at all times

  • Outside furniture will be disinfected daily. Sunbeds cannot be used by third guests until having undergone disinfection (carried out by the lifeguards). Lifeguard will also guide the guests to the sunbed once disinfected.

  • Activities for children under 7 years old will be suspended until further notice as, given the age of the children, safety distances cannot be ensured

  • Activities without physical contacts will be favored, to avoid contact and crowds

  • The Night-Club will be closed until further notice, the night entertainment will be held mostly outside on the terraces (weather permitting)

  • Attendance to activities may be restricted to a limited amount of participants (20) and previous reservation will be encouraged.

  • The Ping-pong, mini-golf and the tennis should be reserved the previous day and you will be provided with disinfected rackets/sticks for your play.

  • All animation materials will be sanitized before and after use.

  • We reinforce the cleaning and disinfection of furniture and equipment

  • Employees will utilize masks and gloves

  • At the entrance, a gel dispenser will be provided

  • The use of a towel on all gym equipment is mandatory, same as for disinfecting with spray and paper cloth every tool before and after use


On the guest side, not respecting or disobeying the above-mentioned norms and the personnel safety instruction may lead to direct expulsion from the Hotel (without chance of refund, to have put into dangers the health of employees and other guests).

Please, note that the protocols presented in this article are based on both the national and autonomic Balearic norms, integrated with the recommendation of work-safety and Higiene-and-Healthcare consulting enterprises.

Our establishment counts with an Action and Contingency Plan for Risk Management, in which both the direction and the employee representatives are involved; the same people that will be responsible to implement and ensure the following of all the above-mentioned safety measures and which will decide upon further measures if necessary.

Please, understand that we do all of this to ensure your total safety. We thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to welcome you in Mallorcaion once again :)

If you have any further question, you can contact us at centraldereservas@beverlyplaya.es .